PRECISE Steinschleuder-Munitionstasche aus erstklassigem Rindsleder für 200 Stahlkugeln.


Die Steinschleuder-Munitionstasche kann 200 Stahlkugeln aufnehmen. Hochfaser-/erstklassiges Rindsledermaterial. Leistungsstarkes Magnetschaltflächen-Automatikladungsdesign.


Steel Balls Pouch Slingshot Ammo Pouch

●The slingshot ammo pouch can hold more than 200pcs 8mm ammo balls, also fit for 6mm balls.
MATERIAL: It has excellent wear resistance, good cold resistance, and aging resistance. This ammo pocket will last a long time even in cold and wet conditions.

●The bottom of the pouch is fitted with a strong magnet near the opening, which ensures that the ammo balls don’t fall off and can be easily fetched out.

●The back of the pouch is designed with a loop that allows you to fill this bag with ammunition and attach it to your belt. We have specially equipped a ring with a magnet for you, you can take the ammo balls from the bag easily. Enjoy the hunting!

PRECISE 2M Thick Flat Rubber Bands 0.85~1.2mm Width 15cm

PRECISE 10M Tube Rubber Bands 1636/2040/1842/1745/2050/3060

PRECISE 10M Tube Rubber Bands 1636/2040/1842/1745/2050/3060

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Khaki High Fiber, Brown High Fiber, Cowhide Yellow, Cowhide Black, Cowhide Brown, Button High Fiber


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