PRECISE Rosewood Wooden Slingshot 70-105mm Fork Width


Material: Rosewood.
Height: 125mm.
Outside fork width: 70-107mm.
Inside fork width: 42-77mm.
Weight: 80-90g.
Model: Rosewood Slingshot.

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PRECISE Rosewood Wooden Slingshot 70-100mm Fork Width

Slingshots can only be shipped to the following countries and regions. Orders from countries outside this range should not be placed.
USA, UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden Finland Denmark Denmark, Ireland Portugal Luxembourg Greece Hungary Romania Slovakia, Slovak Republic Slovenia Croatia Estonia Lithuania Bulgaria Latvia Australia Brazil Canada Israel Norway, New Zealand.

The material of the slingshot is natural red sandalwood, and the colors of the slingshots are all natural colors, so each slingshot has a color deviation.

Rhinoceros Horn Rosewood is recommended not to be placed in a hot place when in use, especially not in a car in hot weather, as natural woods are prone to cracking when placed in a place where the temperature is too high. When not in use it should be kept in a cloth bag and in a dry place away from light, or it can be properly coated with the complimentary wooden slingshot maintenance oil. A layer of white antioxidants may appear on the surface of the wooden slingshot when not in use for a long time, just wipe with a towel.

PRECISE Rosewood Slingshot 70-100mm Fork Width

PRECISE Rosewood Slingshot 70-100mm Fork Width

PRECISE Rosewood Slingshot 70-100mm Fork Width

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