PRECISE Slingshot Band Cutting Template


Cut Length:170/200/230/250mm
We can customize the taper template, if you need, please contact customer service.
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Slingshot Band Cutting Template

Because the acrylic materials are easily damaged in transit, when you receive the package, be sure to shoot an out-of-the-box video to record the status of all items as evidence (which is required by the express delivery company). Otherwise, if the template is damaged, you will not be able to get compensation. Please note that the unpacking video must be original, and the reshot video is invalid.

2M Flat Band Thickness 0.4-1.2mm

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Weight 0.51 kg
Dimensions 25 × 14 × 10 cm

Taper 19-11 Length 170mm, Taper 20-10 Length 170mm, Taper 20-12 Length 170mm, Taper 22-12 Length 170mm, Taper 23-13 Length 170mm, Taper 18-10 Length 200mm, Taper 20-12 Length 200mm, Taper 17-9 Length 230mm, Taper 18-10 Length 230mm, Taper 19-11 Length 230mm, Taper 20-10 Length 230mm, Taper 20-12 Length 230mm, Taper 22-12 Length 230mm, Taper 23-13 Length 230mm, Taper 18-10 Length 250mm, Taper 20-10 Length 250mm, Taper 20-12 Length 250mm, Taper 18-10 Length 170mm, Frameless 20-12 Length 250mm, Taper 24-14 Length 170mm, Taper 24-14 Length 230mm, Taper 25-15 Length 170mm, Taper 25-15 Length 230mm, Customized Taper


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