PRECISE 10M Tube Slingshot Bands Catapult 1636/1745/1842/2040/2050 2055/3060/2060/3060/3070/4070

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Boxed boutique slingshot bands.
2050/2055/3060/2060/3060/3070/4070 without box packaging.
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10M Tube Slingshot Bands

●Premium Slingshot Rubber Bands — The raw material comes from the sap of the highest quality Peruvian rubber tree. The catapult tube is made of natural latex processed with advanced technology and exquisite craftsmanship, which gives it excellent elasticity, uniformity, and tensile strength, Anti-freezing, anti-hardening, anti-aging, and anti-wearing, and preventing bubbles.

●Ideal Accessory For Diy Slingshot — The high-quality soft rubber band provides excellent elasticity, uniformity, and anti-freezing, anti-hardening, anti-aging, and anti-wear. The high elasticity rubber band offers an excellent initial speed, a high-speed launch, and a rebound, which is perfect for DIY slingshot. Also, you can get an assistive tool that can easily tie the rubber tubing and the pouch together in a short time, making the DIY slingshot easier and more enjoyable.

●10m Latex Tubes —- Each package includes 10m elastic catapult bands. It is long enough, so you can replace the slingshot rubber bands regularly in order to ensure safe hunting and adventure. These wear-resistant alternative slingshots for the hunting bands can greatly extend the replacement cycle.

Rubber Bands Maintenance Tips

The rubber band is a kind of polymer compound with complex composition. Things like this will continue to oxidize when exposed to air, sunlight, and other environments, so we should try to use them in a low temperature and dark environment.
In addition, the flexibility of the rubber band has a certain range, and frequent overstretching will reduce its lifespan, so when using the rubber band, be careful to avoid overstretching.

10PCS  Tube Slingshot Bands
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Blue, Plain, Green, Thickening Plain


1636, 2040, 1842, 1745, 2050, 3060, 2055, 2060, 2070, 3070, 4070

1 review for PRECISE 10M Tube Slingshot Bands Catapult 1636/1745/1842/2040/2050 2055/3060/2060/3060/3070/4070

  1. zm s

    Used it as well for my home-made slingshot and it works wonderful for that purpose. It allow for many different uses.
    I love it.

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