PRECISE 15/40 Pcs Diy Slingshot Band Pouches Tube/Flat/Haipai

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●Flat Band Pouch Model:481412/461410/4013/4212/4414.
Tube Band Pouch Model:551613.
●Haipi Band Model:3409/3208.
Material: Super Fiber/High Fiber

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Diy Slingshot Bands Pouches

Flat Bands Slingshot Pouch


●Super Fiber material Pouch is light, soft, and feels good. Perfect for outdoor flat rubber band slingshots.Rough surface to prevent slippery hands.
●Positioning hole design to prevent ballistic deviation and improve the hit rate.
●The air vent design can enhance the friction force. When the rubber band is pulled up, the fingers holding the pouch are not easy to slip out, and the safety is improved.
●It is used as an accessory for the replacement flat rubber band, whether it is long, medium, or short. It can effectively improve the shooting rate and the initial speed of the ammunition.
●This slingshot pouch is suitable for both adults and children, and can also be used for professional competitions and outdoor hunting, with long service life and high stability
Suitable for a flat band slingshot, and tube band slingshot.
Tested by many users and used in competitions, this is a safe and reliable pouch.

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2M PRECISE 3rd  Flat Bands


Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 14 × 10 × 5 cm

461410 20PCS, 481412 20PCS, 4013 15PCS, 4212 15PCS, 4414 15PCS, 551613 15PCS, 3409 40PCS, 3208 40PCS

1 review for PRECISE 15/40 Pcs Diy Slingshot Band Pouches Tube/Flat/Haipai

  1. Chanin Oboun

    Model 461410 best quality

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