PRECISE Slingshot Band Tying Jig Tying Tool


●Suction cup fixation: Metal slingshot tube clamp, the base adopts a suction cup for suction, which can be locked on a smooth surface.
●Economical: As a slingshot user, it is always necessary to buy new rubber bands because they will wear out. Making your own rubber bands will not only do it in your leisure time but also save money! The fixture can be used for a long time.
●Multiple choices: A variety of rubber bands can be made with this fixture, with powerful functions, whether it is flat leather or tubular rubber bands.
●Suitable for yourself: You may not be satisfied with yourself in the market, you can innovate and produce according to your needs.
●The best choice: A good tool for tying the rubber band of the slingshot, and the slingshot replacement belt accessory is an ideal assistant for making and repairing the slingshot.

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Slingshot Rubber Band Tying Tool

Weight 0.334 kg
Dimensions 20 × 14 × 10 cm

Assistant + Wood Pull Pin, Only Assistant, Wood Pull Pin


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