Boîte de rangement pour lance-pierre imperméable à triple couche anti-choc


Note: This product only includes a slingshot storage box, doesn’t include any other accessories or slingshot.

Model A Size:16cm(L)*10cm(W)*4cm(H).

Model B Size:16cm(L)*12.9cm(W)*4.5cm(H).

Model B Size:19cm(L)*12.9cm(W)*5.5cm(H).

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Slingshot Storage Box

The Slingshot Storage Box is the perfect way to store and protect your Slingshot and its accessories. With its triple-layer shock protection and waterproof design, your Slingshot and its accessories will stay safe from any damage or moisture. The interior is lined with soft velvet material to further protect your items from scratches. Keep your Slingshot and its accessories safe with the Slingshot Storage Box.

Slingshot storage box

Slingshot storage box

Slingshot Storage Box

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Model A, Model B, Model C


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