PRECISE JINGLEI Professional Hunting Slingshot


Frame Material: Titanium Alloy/Stainless Steel.
Handle Material: Aluminum.
Height: 115mm.
Outside fork width: 80mm.
Inside fork width: 40mm.
Weight: 307g/310g.

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JINGLEI Professional Hunting Slingshot

Slingshots are only delivered to the following countries, if not listed, please do not place an order:
United States, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Israel, Ireland, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, New Zealand, Belgium, Russia, Austria, Czech Republic, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Greece, Luxembourg, Hungary, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Latvia, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Japan.

PRECISE JINGLEI Professional Hunting Slingshot

PRECISE JINGLEI Professional Hunting Slingshot

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JL 80MM Stainless Steel, JL 80MM Titanium Alloy, CQ 80MM Stainless Steel, CQ 80MM Titanium Alloy


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