PRECISE Slingshot Knock Down System 3/5 Targets


Electric remote control, special for competition.
China CSCC competition designated equipment.
3/5Targets, easy to install.
Because there are batteries, the shipping method is different, please contact customer service to place an order.


Knock Down System

WSA2022 China Slingshot World Cup.
CSCC Slingshot Club Champions League Designated Equipment.

Models: PRECISE 5 targets/JINPU 3 targets.

Sizes: 50cm*8cm*8cm(3 targets)/90cm*8cm*8cm(5 targets).


  1. Built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged.
  2. Elastic steel wire PU target, durable and easy to replace.
  3. Electric clutch target machine, overload impact protection, lower rebound.
  4. Wireless remote control, responsive.
  5. Adjustable tripod, adjustable range 90-160cm.

JINPU Auto Reset Target Slingshot

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